DevOps Transformation

Understanding the DevOps Transformation

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

Why DevOps Transformation matter in Today’s Business?

Competition, new products and continuing pressure to monetize older services severely taxing many businesses driven by legacy applications and infrastructure. To maintain the competitive edge in a highly dynamic market, business need to re-imagine the customer experience in lower economics. Enterprises looking for modernization of their legacy stack and operate in more fast and competitive way taking DevOps as key strategic drivers. As companies embrace DevOps, they must address both technology and the human side of change. The most important need for technology and the human side are as follows:

Technology Shift

Small services delivered in an extreme agile manner and run in multi cloud hybrid ecosystem in lowest Capex & Opex with the highest security.

Technology Shift
Cultural Shift

A culture with less roles, much E2E responsibilities, which innovates fast accepting high speed feedback and respond with super-fast delivery coupled with stringent security and lower economics.

Cultural Shift

Getting Started To DevOps

The first step is for CIOs to connect with the business to establish clear lines of communication and to set common goals. Within the IT organization, CIOs must set policies that identify the need to prepare for DevOps as a priority for overall IT strategies. Courageous leadership is key for success in adopting an enterprise wide DevOps culture.

Then we recommend assessing the company’s People, Process and Technology estate using some standard maturity model. The Synectiks maturity model for a quick DevOps assessment is as follows:

Where do you find your current DevOps Maturity?
Devops Maturity





  • Prioritized work
  • Large team
  • Multiple Roles(Architect, Developer,Tester,...)
  • Defined & documented process
  • Quarterly release
  • Monolith product
  • Consolidate platform
  • System into Modules
  • Library management
  • Api management
  • Basic Automations
  • Scripted Build
  • Continuous Integration
  • Dedicated build & release server
  • Multiplatform packages
  • Basic test automation
  • Manual staging environments(dev, stage,test, prod) promotion
  • Basic test automation
  • Continuous tests integration
  • Risk based manual tests
  • ITSM tools & Operating SLA's
  • Performance monitoring
  • Log monitoring
  • Alerts monitoring
  • Manual resource provisioning
  • Security audit


  • Stable teams
  • Share pain
  • Remove boundary(Dev & Test)
  • Agile process
  • Monthly release
  • Act on metrics
  • Component engineering
  • Config as code
  • Event architecture
  • service api interaction
  • Api management
  • Test / release automation
  • Pollen build
  • Manual version & tagging
  • Automated Staging
  • Automated unit / Integration / UI / Regression /Performance / Code / Security / Code Quality / Coverage /Acceptance tests
  • Automated unit / Integration / UI / Regression /Performance / Code / Security / Code Quality / Coverage /Acceptance tests
  • Test results Consolidate
  • Component wise tests
  • Diagnostics
  • Advanced monitoring through scripts
  • Log Analysis
  • Automated ticket recommendation and workflows


  • Team responsible all the way prod
  • Dedicated tools team
  • Remove boundary(Dev & Ops)
  • Deploy disconnected from release
  • Continuous improvement
  • Component ownership
  • Decentralized decisions
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Cloud centric, SASS model
  • Deployment automation
  • Framework
  • Operation automation framework
  • Quality gates
  • Realtime build metrics
  • Deployment & compliance trend
  • Test results consolidation
  • TDD framework integration
  • Dynamic environment provisioning
  • well defined TDD and BDD framework
  • BDD tests written in DSL
  • Test rule based stage Automation
  • Test case tool to automation
  • Tests integration
  • Automated hyperscale cluster & cloud provisioning
  • Elastic auto provisioning
  • Resilience scripts
  • Dynamic vdms/ VDss provisioning


  • All full stacks experts
  • Cross functional small teams
  • Speedy feedback
  • Advanced frameworks driven
  • RAD
  • Excellent training framework
  • Hybrid cloud, cloud agnostics, elastics
  • Complete software defined(IAAC)
  • Multi cloud compete SOA
  • Simplified automated framework
  • Aggregated hardware
  • Container / Services
  • Optimized pooling
  • Zero touch deployment
  • Elastic automation cluster
  • Parallel continuous delivery
  • Containerized build environments for different language
  • Simplified build Orchestration framework
  • Service wise test results consolidation
  • Tests Trend analytics
  • Continuous tests in production
  • Hardware / Os / App server / license agnostics
  • Continuous security / Audit / Billing
  • Centralized tools for monitoring different environments, products, services, clouds
Our DevOps Gap analysis process briefly as follows:
Gap Analysis
4 Phased - 5 days
Day 1
Project kick-off
Initial Meetings
  • Meeting with decision makers to get an insight on client pain-points and desired future-state
  • Kick-Off meeting with DevOps assessment stakeholders
Day 2
Questions Based Audit
  • A DevOps briefing for all interviews
  • Audit on following key focus areas
  • Organization
  • Automation
  • As-Is Analyzer people process Tools, Technology
Day 3
Report preparation
Report Generation
  • Preparation of findings report DevOps transformation plan and Roadmap
Day 4
  • Presentation of the report and plans to stakeholders, following plans are delivered.
  • Phase wise maturity development
  • Tools & Technology Adoption
  • Skill Development

The standard maturity model-based assessment will clearly give you insights on the current and future capability to create a business case for improvement in each capability and thereby helping you to create a roadmap to guide the journey to DevOps centric organization. This roadmap should map people, process, technology change requirement, consider IT policy and operating model factors; and ultimately produce clear, data-based recommendations with a proposed execution plan to enable DevOps transformation to happen. Getting there will require significant upliftment of people skills, impart modern tools and technologies, transforming and migrating applications, integrating and orchestrating environments, automating and monitoring business services, enabling digital processes, and integrating data and security.

How Synectiks can help?

Enterprises looking for modernization of their legacy stack and operate in more fast and competitive way, can use the Synectiks open platform and specialized resources to bring the cultural transformation and agility needed for today’s business. Whether it is a new business application or transformation of legacy applications, our open platform coupled with our experience and expertise accelerate the project execution @50% time & cost.

Technology Transformation

“Over 85% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to multi-cloud architectures by 2018, IDC. End User experience, Security, Agility, Flexibility, Consumption Based pricing are most important five priorities for CIO’s today. Synectiks is one of very few technology companies, who delivers professional services on advanced technologies backed by an open xformation platform that accelerates your DevOps transformation journey @50% time & cost.”

Synectiks build the most powerful open product that helps customers to provision resources across clouds in complete software defined way and deliver modern container and FAAS driven workloads on it. The platform takes care of Continuous delivery, Continuous Deployment, Continuous security and continuous compliance continuous automation to make sure the workload runs seamlessly with highest security, performance, scalability and availability.

Cultural Transformation

Need? A culture with less Roles , much E2E responsibilities Innovate / Deliver Fast High Speed Feedback and Superfast Delivery Lower Capex, Opex

Why Us? Experience in addressing Technology & Cultural Changes Accelerate DevOps adoption with Open Platform & Skilled resources. Assess DevOps maturity and address Gaps.

Ensuring that you stay ahead of race and keep disrupting by adopting most modern technologies intelligently and effectively, requires an Open Product Based Professional Services partner who understand your requirements for:



Introduction of New products or transforming your existing legacy monolith application to microservices faster While Maintaining Operational Control and Customer Visibility.


Grow cost-effectively to meet new organizational and business requirements across the enterprise using a highly scalable architecture that can distribute the workloads across clouds, enables hybrid cloud adoption with maximum security and highest flexibility.


Provision and Manage infrastructure, application services in complete software defined way with maximum automation so that you never fall into security loopholes. Enables continuous Audit, Continuous Security/- Compliance to have real time checks and visibility on security guidelines.

Synectiks can enable your enterprise journey to DevOps, regardless of your starting point.
Discover and Assessment
Discover & Assessment

Our discovery and assessment services can help you draft a DevOps roadmap with a clearly defined business case and mapping of peoples / process / technologies along with prioritized recommendations. Our recommendations reflect deep industry knowledge and contextual knowledge about your business.

Transformation Services
Transformation Services

You can access our open Xformation platform products and resource teams to adopt technology and cultural changes quickly from Application modernization, people skill and process transformation and integration to cloud-native apps development, containerization, platform services and microservices to enable your enterprise to thrive in Hybrid IT environments.

We go beyond creating a strategy: Synectiks helps you plan it, do it, run it and manage it.

Top 8 Reasons to select Synectiks as your DevOps Partner:


Experience Team with a proven track record of CloudOps delivery enabled with DevSecOps Capabilities.


We have done large Transformation projects with Toyota, Reliance and cultural challenges effectively and brought the changes, resulting significant improvement and savings.


We are continuously contributing an open XFormation platform that is accelerating the transformation @50% Time & Cost.

Engagement Model
Engagement Model

Our every engagement focused on empowerment, not dependency.

Public Cloud Partnership
Public Cloud Partnership

Our advanced partnership with major public cloud providers help you to get support at every stage.

Long Term Retention
Long Term Retention

100% Customer Retention Rate.

E2E Solution
E2E Solution

Single point of contact for Application Migration, Transformation and Integration to cloud-native Apps services.

Extreme Automation
Extreme Automation

Use our existing automation capabilities to automate infrastructure , operations, security in hybrid IT environment.

Finally, we help you to do people / process / technology transformation it all at a lower cost using CloudOps delivery enabled with DevSecOps capabilities and extreme automation from our Synectiks Xformation platform driven solutions delivery model. Xformation Platform allows to quickly build and deliver and orchestrate cross cloud services , at-scale, repeatable offerings and solutions that help to drive your DevOps journey @50% time & cost.

Key benefits you get by choosing Synectiks as DevOps partner
Synectiks can enable your enterprise journey to DevOps, regardless of your starting point.
Maximum Flexibility
Maximum Flexibility

Synectiks xformation platform coupled with its Hybrid cross cloud infrastructure delivers you the maximum flexibility to run/move your high performant workloads across clouds and manage them through a single pane of glass.

Faster Delivery
Faster Delivery

Synectiks xformation platform enabled infrastructure and application provisioning in complete software defined manner with regulatory compliant architectures. The existing assets and best practices enable project delivery in weeks than months.

Better Quality
Better Quality

Through Synectiks Xformation platform, you can continuously deliver containerized and serverless microservices verified through stringent quality gates that run across clouds and geographies ensuring 100% availability and maximum performance.

Lower Costs
Lower Costs

Everything software defined and maximum automation ensure lowest TCO. A successful Digital Modernization project delivers 10X agility, 30X reliability and 10X operational efficiency. At least 50% TCO is reduced because of 80% operation, 50% hardware and 100% license cost savings.

Now is the time to act. Don’t be disrupted be the disruptor. Let us help you innovate and transform to differentiate with speed and quality. That’s Synectiks. That’s transformation Delivered in open product based solutioning model.