Case Studies

Realtime Monitoring

Reliance Jio Case study

The leadership took a decision to become hardware/OS/Operation/vendor agnostic and achieve scalability and reliability across the organization. We helped them with all the technologies, training to make that happen. Our open platform helped them to become complete software defined, automate all operations. We helped them to learn to manage IT in most modern way.

Network Design


Business Objective

Transformation towards becoming hardware / Os / Vender / Operation agnostic. Make everything software defined.


AWS, Infrastructure as a code, microservices, DevOps.


Reliance Jio Infocom Limited is a leading mobile network operator in India. We all know that their network is enormous and immense and too often the operations team has to handle colossal workflows at all times of the day, the workloads become very intense and affect the performance of the data. Reliance Jio operations get piled up with tedious tasks every minute and extensively needs real-time business processes to monitor their workloads. From new service activations to monitoring tons of data, the telecom company had a tough time in doing RCA with its existing licensed monitoring applications. While at it, when dealing with a mammoth telecom company and assuring them that we can handle and provide a solution which is 100% scalable was a tough part for us. Once we succeeded in gaining their trust, we moved on to analyze and plan a panacea that was expected by the telecom company.


Licensed Monitoring Software: Reliance Jio was mostly using licensed products for more than 30 applications to maintain a large amount of data. Most of these applications were service based and big data related. They needed a customized open source tool to manage and run tons of data via millions of network elements.

Customized Tool: The telecom company required a personalized tool to monitor and provide an outright solution that helps in taking more viable decisions.

Massive data: Generating high volumes of data in petabytes and processing it in real rear time with more profound insights was another challenge to the telecom company.

  • We designed and developed a real-time monitoring framework for business use case implementations.
  • The solution is customized and scalable using sophisticated analytic tools.
  • Visibility on certain key metrics is the prime factor that reliance Jio achieved through our real-time monitoring services.
  • Knowing the workflow orchestration of their applications widened their business payoffs in a short span of time.
How did we handle the problem and customized a tool for better visibility?

We used Prometheus a powerful systems & service monitoring tool and Influxdb as a time series database, with Grafana metric analysis for visualizing time series data. We hosted the entire technology stack in Kubernetes platform so that it can scale elastically with minimal operations. Intelligent plugin scripts were embedded to work with Prometheus data collection engine and extract intuitive data from the large dataset. Smart analytics were built on intelligent data stored in time series database and this resulted in important business monitoring views.

How did Synectiks Consolidate, Validate and Outline the issues of Large Motor Systems?

We believe in harvesting information as much as possible that will yield a better solution. That is exactly what we did with Large Motor Company. Upon analyzing their queries on a broader spectrum, we did a quick 360° audit on their existing infrastructure and harvested some vital insights on key improvement areas and a plan for any migration path and risks involved in the following process. We conducted multiple PoC’S with Large Motor Company to channel a solid understanding of the technologies and modernize their IT infrastructure. By translating the entire hardware infrastructure into a few lines of software code, we crafted a backbone infrastructure effortlessly. Also, we refactored monolith applications to multiple microservices and established a complete application lifecycle management and operation support system to maintain their business operations. Ultimately, by achieving the required data security, governance and compliance requirements in the cloud.


The telecom company was able to achieve a 100% open and highly scalable monitoring platform. We helped them in harvesting right business insights in real time that responds to their business needs. Finally, Reliance Jio got the flexibility to have complete visibility on the valuable business information instead of being flooded with clear data. The telecom company now can rapidly develop any business monitoring capability as needed. A highly cost-effective scalable monitoring platform.